Thursday, April 30, 2009

Issue 7: "Mechanical Training 2/3 & 3/3"

"On monday the kitty completed both parts of the mechanical training and is now awaiting another mechanical training sometime next week or the week after.

Part 2 was learning how to use the work bench to deal with metal sheets (cutting, drilling, bending to form a pen box). Basically this was re-learning what the kitty had learned in Form 3 ("Kemahiran Hidup" D: Teacher Cindy a kitty in Singapore misses you @_@), except that this is metal and the equipments far more dangerous.

Part 3 taught us how to use the milling machine. The process was somewhat similar to the lathe machine. Instead of a bar of brass, we used a cube of metal. And we got to play with the vacuum when cleaning up D: *Member 4 vacuums teammates*

The kitty is starting to question its future sanity while working with this team. During lunch on thursday:

Member 4: Giraffe.
Member 6: (tries to pronounce giraffe)
Member 4: Aiya. I teach you how to say. You know G-string?
Kitty from Hell: @_@
Member 4: This one is G-bra.
Kitty from Hell: Zebra and giraffe is not the same D:

Inside project lab:

Member 4: Ehh. How to say that G-bra the line?
Kitty from Hell: What line? =.=
Member 4: That line *hands try to explain meaning*
Kitty from Hell: Zebra crossing?
Member 4: Ya! That one. G-bra crossing.
Kitty from Hell: @_@

Kitty Press Issue 7: "Mechanical Training 2/3 & 3/3"

Kitty Status: Happy to have an extra day of holiday and looking forward to drinking tonight D:

Russian song stuck in my head D:

Yelp me. Gimme back the sanity I never had.



    ROFL. I die laughing la like this. @_@

  2. Now you understand why my sanity is challenged?

  3. PING u have BLOG! :D

    and G-BRA?! WTH?? hahaha!