Sunday, April 12, 2009

Issue 3: "Ragnarok Online: Strike of Fate"

This could not have been a mere coincidence.

A little about the gaming kitty:

The kitty is a Ragnarok Online addict. It plays as a High Priest (refuse to change to Arch Bishop?); in-game username: Viana, on a mid-rate server; EssenceRO, where it currently is in a WoE (War of Emperium) guild; The Creed.

A week ago... After an awesome WoE session, the kitty was in the town of Geffen running about and talking with its guildmates. Then another guildmate who the kitty never really talked to appeared and started talking to another guildmate who was apparently her real life friend. They were from the UK.

Then talks about them wanting to tour Asia again for their holiday (using public chat so everyone could see). Then it specified to South East Asia.

This was roughly how the conversation went (can't remember the precise words):

Viana: Which part of South East Asia?
RachelW: Malaysia. I'm a Malaysian.
Viana: I'm a Malaysian too D: Which part?
RachelW: Sabahan.
Viana: D:
RachelW: KK
Viana: @_@
RachelW: Which school were you from?
Viana: SFC o.o
RachelW: o.o Graduated which year?
Viana: 2006.
RachelW: You know Regina they all?
Viana: O:

She's not Rachel Wong if some of you are thinking that (I did >_>). She couldn't think of a username and she was chatting to Rachel at the time she was making her character and so... yea. Such a surprise. She had apparently attended Institute Sinaran with Serena, Regina, Dai Dai, Tuffy they all and knew Rachel Wong because she was from All Saints. Then she stalked the kitty by asking Serena what the kitty was like D:

How in the world did the kitty spend so many WoE-ing session alongside her, having buffed her so many times, and not realize this?

Kitty Press Issue 3: "Ragnarok Online: Strike of Fate"

Kitty Status: Back from Week Zero Orientation Camp and still very high - "BOOM AH AH AH AH BOOM BOOM AH!"

Meeting someone you indirectly know is such a surprising event on an online game. This couldn't have been a mere coincidence, right?

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