Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Issue 8: "Say NO to Kitty Flu"

Swine flu is a serious issue worldwide. Swine flu is also a serious issue in Singapore.

But tell her WHY must we each have our OWN termometer in school?!

On monday, the kitty's school has set up temperature scanning locations for visitors to the school and those going into the library. Today, however, each individual school had its own scanning point around the entrance of the school. Naturally, Engineering School is the most awesome because we had a thermal scanner placed at the entrance and all we have to do is walk past, get a sticker and proceed on (other schools require students to queue up to manually take their temperatures >_>).

You might be wondering, "Why do we need our own termometers (brought to school every day) if we have such convenient facilities?"

Well, if you expected an answer from the kitty, she is sorry ._. She has no idea as to why that is either. All she knows is, termometers in pharmacies all around Singapore are currently sold out (the ones left are those selling for about $16.90).

The kitty had a total number of THREE temperature scans today. One during morning in school, one during afternoon in school, and the last was before entering the Judo dojo.

Kitty Press Issue 8: "Say NO to Kitty Flu"

Kitty Status: In love with Judo and enjoying temperature scans.


My body aches. Yay.

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