Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Issue 6: "Kitty Judo is Love"

*bows before entering*

The kitty has attended its first Judo training today (tuesday) from 7pm to 9pm at a dojo. The kitty was taught techniques to break falls, hold people and prevent them from escaping, and to throw someone down onto the floor D:

It was really good and there's this satisfying feeling of content and peace at the end of the training. The kitty has a stiff back and muscles now though ._. *stretches and rips fur-coat* The thought of having to throw someone down onto the floor for the first time in the kitty's life and risk injuring the person was scary. But its training partner was pretty sporting (she's a Malaysian from Melaka D: what's with the overload of Malaysians recently in the kitty's life ._.) and the kitty didn't injure her... much @_@

The kitty is looking forward to the training on saturday afternoon! She'll get to wear her gi for the first time ^^ and perhaps finally properly experience a thorough back pain/ exhaustion session the next day!

Kitty Press Issue 6: "Kitty Judo is Love"

Kitty Status: Joyful back pain and sleepy! *drinks milk*

My only regret now is that I did not join Judo earlier. It's depressing to know I only have one year to learn this awesome martial arts.

*bows before leaving*

Mechanical training 2/3 and 3/3 is done but I'll report it when I upload the pictures from my phone.

ILU Lord Mochi-ness. Take care in India.

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  1. misshhh you PNG!:D

    take care ya!

    and cool!teach me when you're back!