Friday, April 24, 2009

Issue 5: "Mechanical Training Part 1/3"

Scheduled on our MP milestone was supposedly a Motion Training on friday afternoon. It was cancelled. Didn't really make a difference, because the kitty's awesome supervisor booked us Mechanical Training for extra knowledge. On to the mechanical workshop!

Ahem! Before the kitty continues, let her give a brief explanation on her MP groupmates. We consist of two groups, each initially working on a separate project then finishing to complete the bigger project (her team's). Some introduction is due (false names are used to protect their identity D:), with little bits of information:

Team 1:
Member 1 (Leader) - Singaporean, male
Member 2 - Myanmar sudent (don't know that word ._.), male
Member 3 - Kitty from Hell, female D:

Team 2:
Member 4 (Leader) - Malaysian, male
Member 5 - Singaporean, male
Member 6 - China student ("chinese" seems weird to say), male

Safety goggles + final product (small metal bit)

This training consists of us learning how to use the lathe machine to cut a bar of brass. During our introductory explanation to using the machine, Member 4 interrupts the TSO (Technical Support Officer).

Member 4: Bra?
TSO: Not bra. It's bra-ss (emphasizes double "s").
Member 4: A LOT of bras.

The training was awesome. We got to cut and smoothen the brass, drill a hole, and shape it somewhat similar to a bullet. TSO: "If you bring this through airport security they'll arrest you even though it is not a real bullet."

After the training, we headed for lunch (4pm) and returned back to our MP project lab. Then Member 6 started practicing his english with Member 4's help.

Member 4: Rectangular.
Member 6: (replies meaning in chinese).
Kitty from Hell: Isn't that simple? =.=
Member 6: Ya.
Member 4: Your english that good, I test you the level 10 question (hardest in book). Epidermic?
Kitty from Hell: I release a virus in Singapore and infect everyone. Epidermic ._.
Member 4: (tests a few more). Wah. If I have half your english I happy already.
Member 6: You understand him?
Kitty from Hell: He means that he'll be happy if he had half my english knowledge? Let me ask you a question this time ._.
Member 4: Okay.
Kitty from Hell: Mahogany.
Member 4: (throws in ridiculous guesses).
Kitty from Hell: Its a reddish-brown colour. Like his pants *points at Member 6's pants*
Member 4: Okay, okay. I test you a VERY hard one. Mongonese!
Everyone: *stares at Member 4*
Kitty from Hell: I admit I don't know what's that ._.
Member 5: *looks at book Member 4 is holding while Member 4 laughs in victory* You mean... Mongolian?
Everyone: ... (5 seconds silence).
Kitty from Hell: WTH?!

Kitty Press Issue 5: "Mechanical Training Part 1/3"

Kitty Status: Wanting more break and less instantaneous sleeping conditions after MP clock-out. Traumatised by "Mongonese".

The best part of the mechanical training is the safety goggles. It was so cool to wear them and act like some kind of superhero! *freshmen walks past workshop and stares at a kitty brandishing a bar of metal"


Mongonese D:

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