Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Issue 2: "Life's same applications?"

"The difference in programming to move a big or small motor is just a matter of adaptation. The program used is still the same codes." The kitty's Major Project (MP) supervisor said this today. Another example he gave was, in driving, whether you drive a small car or a lorry, it's the same. You turn counter-clockwise to turn left and clockwise to turn right. You step the same pedal to brake and the same pedal to accelerate. The difference lies in the adaptation. Adaptation to driving a bigger or smaller vehicle.

So the kitty says, whether we live or die, it's still the same. We still hope, dream, and life goes on. There's just the adaptation issue of our hearts stopping and not being able to breathe ._. but we'll adapt when the time comes o(^^)O

Kitty Press Issue 2: "Life's same applications?"

Kitty Status: Watching Digimon Adventure and wishing the kitty-owner a happy birthday.

"Happy Birthday Faith!" ILU.

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