Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Issue 10: "Kitties are Aging!"

A cat's average lifespan is about 14 years.

A cat's maximum lifespan (domestic cat) is about 25 - 32 years.

The kitty can feel the end of the rope pulling as the kitty attended another Judo training today. How good it is to be young again @_@ The kitty had better start training up stamina and strength for better future randori (sparring) sessions. They can shorten your lifespan if you do not have enough stamina and strength to hold out till the end.

The dreadful "2x" approaches as the "19" slowly fades away.

Kitty Press Issue 10: "Kitties are Aging!"

Kitty Status: Bearing with occasional bones cracking and terrible hunger and thirst at 11.30pm @_@

Happy 20th Birthday Bunz. You're an adult now. Buy me cat food.


Cat Lifespan Reference: http://catwebsite.googlepages.com/cat-lifespan.htm