Saturday, May 23, 2009

Issue 12: "Happy Kitty Day"

Happy Kitty Day.

22nd and 23rd of May this year has been fun. On friday my idiotic boyfriend lured me unsuspectingly to level 1 of the first Engineering School block, where the lift opened to another bunch of idiots who yelled "Happy Birthday" so terribly I couldn't hear what they were saying.
The cake was strawberry shortcake @_@ from a bakery that sells Japanese desserts and pastries and nothing cheap D:

Strawberry Shortcake! TWO YEAR OLD KITTY.

A sight of heaven from hell D:

The kitty spent half the day on 23rd May in school conducting interviews. Then there was an awesome Judo training session where at the end the captain announced to everyone that it was my birthday and that after singing a song for me they would all get to redeem a free throw from me D: (thankfully none threw me @_@). Finally it was dinner with the kitty's brother at a french cuisine restaurant!

I want more desserts D:

Kitty Press Issue 12: "Happy Kitty Day"

Kitty Status: Not much reaction from having turned 20

Thank you everyone who wished me "Happy Birthday"! ILU

Thanks to Bulu for the entire post on me D: ILU

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