Friday, May 8, 2009

Issue 9: "Kitties Need Many SPARE TYRES!"

The kitty's MP supervisor asked us this the other day, "How many tyres does a car have?"

The kitty was the only one who answered "Five" while everyone else's answer was "Four".

Supervisor: That's right, a car normally has five tyres. Although they may not need it, drivers still carry the extra tyre everywhere they go without knowing when they would actually need it. This is the same with all of you. Although what you learn now you may not think would be applicable in the future, you may never know, some day you just might end up in a different path that requires skills you never thought you would ever use."

Kitty Press Issue 9: "Kitties Need Many SPARE TYRES!"

Kitty Status: Craving for a good massage and scratching, and lots of milk after Judo D:

Dear Owner, please buy me a scratching-post.

I shall work hard to get many spare tyres! Not spare tyres around the tummy =.=

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