Sunday, June 7, 2009

Issue 13: "Kitty Changes to Come!"

The time approaches yet again as it does every year when it nears July. Cosfest (Cosplay Festival) 2009! The kitty has started on a costume, and hopefully it finishes by July 11th. The kitty is cosplaying...

*drum rolls*


*drum rolls off the cliff*

There you go, she'll let you know next time ^o^

Changes approaching: short + dyed hairstyle
Spoilers: the character the kitty is doing is a male knight (Kitty's dream come true)

KITTY HENSHIN! *chases tail in circles*

Kitty Press Issue 13: " Kitty Changes to Come!"

Kitty Status: Has a bit of a life now, on two weeks holiday but the first week is no holiday at all @_@

KITTY HENSHIN!!! *chases tail in circles again*

*fur turns red*


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