Thursday, October 28, 2010

Issue 23 : "Endless Journey of Daily Routines?"

Recently the kitty has been pondering much about life. It could be the depression, or perhaps just because the kitty has too much free time to think.

This kitty has a really bad habit of questioning the purpose of life.

What lies in the future after graduation and securing a job?

Every day is the same old routine. Waking up to an alarm or two at about 5.30am and preparing for work, getting out to get a bus at 6.30am, and travelling for roughly 40 minutes before reaching work around 7.40am. And then the journey home is the same process. Oh, what about this? Well, there's just the little problem that this routine would probably continue for the next ten to twenty years of our life? Or worse, more.

Is money all humans and kitties live for? Money to live a life of routine, money to raise a family, and money to carry to the grave?

Perhaps we find meaning in life by having something to do? Perhaps we feel like a part of society by contributing to it?

Of course, this might just be a kitty's depression speaking. The depression of being alone in a foreign country without our loved ones to share the joys of life with. Some may feel that a life of routine is perfectly fine.

But what about a solitary life of routine?

A life and future knowing that you will never be able to see your loved ones often? A life with nothing to look forward to at the end of each working day? A life with so little to look forward to?

Where is the meaning in such a life?

Kitty Press Issue 23 : "Endless Journey of Daily Routines?"

Kitty Status : Depressed and bored.

There's a kitty from hell living an endless journey of daily routines.

Won't you place a road block somewhere?

I miss you all, thanks for taking the time to listen to my written rant

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