Thursday, August 16, 2012

Issue 24 : "Kitties Were Meant to Rule Humans."

The kitty has been a slave to human labour for almost two years. These two years have been tough, but kitties cherish all their memories; learning how to use a litter, ripping apart the owner's best carpet, stealing the uncooked fish from the kitc- well, you get the point :3

Two years of work can teach one many things. For a freshly-graduated kitty, it was a glimpse into life in the future. The life of an adult working to serve society; for money, family, and survival. That little glimpse (two years is little when you compare it to your whole life ahead) showed enough for this kitty to realize that it was not a good future.

Kitties do not want to work for leeches who do not appreciate how sharp our claws are (we can rip your curtains out!).

Kitties do not want to marry their jobs. A life with no "life" is not a life.

Kitties want to be enslaved to a job that they would love to do for their entire life ahead (and not be bored by it).

The most important thing actually, is that kitties realized the *** industry is in fact a dying industry. This is what brought about the change in the degree :3

Kitty Press Issue 24 : "Kitties Were Meant to Rule Humans."

Kitty Status : Sleepy and excited to study!

The kitty needs to get back that sense of furry journalism.

University life, be ready for this raging kitty!

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