Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Issue 22 : "Shotas and Sports"

Last sunday was a good day. A day of trouble, sports, and lost cash; but nevertheless still a good day.

The supposed beginning of this day looked something like this:
6.00AM - Kitty rise and shine, get ready.
7.00AM - Leave home, take bus to MRT station, and take a MRT for roughly 45 mins to meet-up destination.
8.00AM - Reach bus interchange (located halfway across Singapore from where the kitty stays) and meet up with everyone before going to the Japanese Association of Singapore (JAS) Sports Carnival.
8.30AM - Reach JAS Sports Carnival location.

The first problem of the day struck when a SMS came in at 5.30AM asking if the kitty was awake. You might wonder, what is the problem with that? Well, there is the little problem with the kitty's handphone - Sony Erickson W660i model - where the battery is loose and sometimes with even just a light tap, the phone would switch off. Yes, the alarm works even if the phone is switched off. But not if the battery is disconnected - which is apparently what the kitty's phone believes is happening to itself, the poor fellow.

So the kitty's beginning of the day was this instead:
8.00AM - Woke up to room brightly lit by sunlight and panicked.
8.15AM - Switched on phone and got bombarded by SMSes and phone calls from others who were late and asking who had already reached.
8.30AM - Panicked and rushed to get ready.
8.50AM - Left home and took cab halfway across Singapore.
9.20AM - Reached meet-up location and picked up someone else who was late.
9.30AM - Reached JAS Sports Carnival location (total cab fare cost the kitty $19 WTF ASDF).

The kitty took part in 4/16 events for the sports carnival, in which our club was only offered participation for 8/16 of the events.

Event 3 - 7-legged Race

The kitty took part in Events 5, 6, 7, and 16. Event 5 was the 800m run for females only, and because it rained earlier, the ground had puddles and were muddy. Urgh her pretty white shoes- I mean, paws D: Here is where the next problem struck. It is advisory for a kitty who has had nothing to eat or drink the whole day to not run in such events. Halfway through the run the kitty was already light-headed and her whole body was numb from lack of blood circulation. And if you notice the numbers of the events, you would know that the kitty participated in three events continuously one after another.

So immediately after the 800m run, the kitty hurried back for Event 6, which was the rice-lifting event. The kitty was given a 25kg bag of rice, and was required to lift it above her head with both arms completely straight. And immediately after that was Event 7, the Swedish relay. The relay requires 5 participants, with at least one female, to run the following distances: 50m - 50 - 100m - 150m - 200m. The kitty was the second runner (50m), and did not bad when it was her turn. But we fell to last place when the fourth runner, who is non other than the idiot this kitty used to date, dropped the baton when receiving from the third runner.

... sigh.

Lunch : Salmon Bento


Thankfully after this event, the kitty was finally fed and watered with an awesome salmon bento and 100 Plus. And then the final event was the Anpan race, which actually translates to "Red-bean bun race". Basically, the red-bean bun is hanged with its wrapper clipped and attached to a long string. A long pole would have about 10 buns hanging from it at different height lengths. When the race starts, we are to run to the pole, bite the corner of a bun wrapper until it is free from the clip, then run to the finish line. The faster you are, you can choose the shorter-length buns >:


The kitty's prizes :D

Wait, did you think this was all there was to the sports carnival?

Of course not.

The kitty proudly declares that she is a shotacon. (Go google it, the kitty refuses to be a search tool).


In between the events, the kitty was actively running around with her camera snapping pictures despite the rain. The shotas she caught was entirely worth it. Some lolis were caught on film too but she refuses to post them here. Only four pictures here, the rest of the picture can be found on the kitty's facebook account (when it is uploaded).

Oh yes, the day is not over yet. But let's leave the next part for some other time, because the kitty's bed is calling out to her.


Kitty Press Issue 22 : "Shotas and Sports"

Kitty Status : Unemployed and thirsty.


I love Kensei, I want him to be my son. He is perhaps the most adorable boy in the world.

Another interesting quote from Crazy Inn: "Anger is only one letter short of danger."


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