Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Issue 21 : "Weakness and Strength Defined"

Every living being has their own views and definition of weakness. Be it based on the common definition, or a definition derived from past experiences in one's life. The common definition of "weakness" from Google can be found by going to their page, and typing "weakness" in the search bar.

... What, were you expecting the kitty to search it for you?! The kitty is not a SEARCH TOOL 8D

Anyways, the kitty is prepared to be flamed and nuked after this issue with the disagreement of its readers' views. This is the kitty's personal definition of weakness, and from it, the definition of strength:

Attaining happiness is like opening the gateway to a pretty, dreamy land full of weaknesses. With happiness comes the risk of having something to lose, worry, and care about. And the happiness eventually becomes one's greatest weakness. As the kitty believes is the same as for almost every living being, the people we love and are closest to are the ones capable of hurting us the most. Because of our trust in, and love for them, any little gesture that normally does not affect us when done by others, hurts a million times more when done by them.

Strength, from the previous definition of weakness, is of course - suffering, misfortune, and generally anything bad we would not want in life. The kitty believes that suffering makes one stronger. When one suffers and have no happiness, one has nothing to lose, and most misfortune cannot possibly hurt them more than the amount of pain they currently bear.

That's easy for the kitty to say. But in truth gaining strength from suffering is a lot harder than it sounds. For those who never heard of it, when the kitty first set foot in this foreign land, the first two weeks of living here alone, with no friends, no one to talk to, no support except by phone and voice, was insanely painful and everyday passed accompanied by tears and at the brink of breaking down. But the change that came after that was priceless. Here's the answer to those who have been telling and feeling that the kitty changed after landing on this foreign land.

So does the kitty mean to tell the readers that they should not have happiness and and suffer to be strong? Nothing of that sort. This is just the personal opinion and view of a furry kitty wandering lost in hell. The goal? For the readers to understand this kitty better. To understand the things this kitty tend to do and the reason behind them.

To the kitty's special cuddle buddies, Yumie-chan, Ain-chan, Faith-chan, Kiki-chan, being in a foreign land and seeing you only once a year is suffering enough. You are her happiness, one she would never give up on, and she is willing to suffer the abscence of you in her life, so you will forever be her strength. Priceless as her life itself and she will never let you go.

Yes, this is a love confession <3

Kitty Press Issue 21 : "Weakness and Strength Defined"

Kitty Status : Lonely and bored.

This is an interesting quote I encountered from a game on Facebook called "Crazy Inn" : "Love is like photos. Needs a lot of time in a dark room to develop."


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