Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Issue 19: "Please Name Children Properly..."

The kitty advises the general public to refrain from naming their children "Honey". Why is this, you might ask? Because the kitty knows someone in school with such a name. The following are two situations that took place in reality:

Situation 1.

The kitty is on the phone with Person A, walking towards the bus-stop with Honey. Honey parts ways at the first bus-stop.

Kitty from Hell: "Bye Honey!"
Person A: "WTF?"

Situation 2.

The kitty is at a chalet, very sleepy after having drank quite a bit. Honey comes out of the toilet, opening the door and pouring light into the dark room.

Kitty from Hell: "Turn off the lights, Honey."


Kitty Press Issue 19: "Please Name Children Properly..."

Kitty Status: A bit worried it might have forgot to pack something.

This is the kitty's last entry before going to Japan! Hopefully the kitty can blog from Japan! If not just short updates on Facebook.

Take care everyone!

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