Sunday, September 13, 2009

Issue 18: "Kitties Don't Get Holidays?!"

The kitty's internship has just ended last friday. No more waking up at 7am everyday, rushing to eat breakfast (sometimes skipping it altogether), and no more rushing to school to clock-in attendance before 9am.


Why is the kitty not on holiday yet?! What is this about there being "no holiday"? The kitty has to go back to school roughly three to four days a week to work on that darned underwater piece of metal until the holiday ends! The heck, kitties don't even swim or like water! >:

So the only holiday the kitty gets is the nine days the kitty will be spending in Japan (Supervisor was seen unpleased about it >:).

If that is even considered a holiday. The kitty has to spend it with that annoying bugger =.=" Yes, the "bugger". The bugger who annoys and pisses off this kitty every week without fail over trivial matters, the bugger who is jealous of a girl being close to me because he thinks she's taking his place, the bugger who keeps threatening me that he can slap me if he feels like it (not that I'm bothered at all about it *huffs* >:) *ends tales of the bugger because the words going through the kitty's mind are beginning to turn vulgar*.

The kitty needs a life. And a strong alcohol drink. Yes. I shall get that after I finish writing my report which is due tomorrow.

Kitty Press Issue 18: "Kitties Don't Get Holidays?!"

Kitty Status: Aching everywhere and panicking over uncompleted tasks.

BlazBlue cosplay in 6 days! Costume % done = 2%.

Kitty has just went for judo grading and is yellow-tip now! Official tournaments, beware of this kitty UFO-ing your way! (please prepare UFO landing pad outside the dojo o_o).

Alcohol <3

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