Saturday, July 25, 2009

Issue 17: "Lucky White Ranking Kitty?"

This is the tale... of a kitty who ranks only a white belt and competes in a friendly Judo tournament with Hong Kong players...

The kitty, being only roughly 43kg, was competing in the lightest weight category. Apparently the kitty and its comrades were anticipating a balanced and level match with the competitors. They were wrong. All, and I mean ALL of the competitors were green or brown belt-ranking.

The order of our ranking goes like this: White > Yellow > Orange > Green > Blue > Brown > Black

The kitty was the only white belt in its category. Apparently, it was a knock-out system. There were six of us in our weight category, so we sparred three in a section. The other two in my section was a brown belt Hong Kong player and a green belt 15 year old from our dojo. The first round was the two of them, and our green-belt comrade won. Then the kitty did not have a match as the competition shifted to the heavier weight categories.

... whut? o.O

Then the sensei yelled at the kitty saying the kitty was great and all. FOR ENTERING THE FINALS. WHUUTTT??

So this is what happened. Knock-out system causes two default people to compete, then the other automatically advances to the finals. And since there were three of them only, all three of them got medals.

What the kitty got, you ask? The kitty lost to the green-belt comrade in an awesome Ippon (1 point).

Kitty Press Issue 17: "Lucky White Ranking Kitty?"

Kitty Status: Deteriorating soul makes this a happy dead kitty


Kitty needs holidays too.

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