Thursday, July 9, 2009

Issue 16: "When Kitties are Lazy..."

A one month gap is a bad thing.

Very bad.

So watch this for the fun of it before we proceed any further.

This is a really busy week. Three Japanese fairs are on now and the kitty is busy popping by them to get the best fishy deals. Kitty pics will surface in the next post!

Speaking of Japan... anyone interested to go to Japan at the end of September?! The kitty's Japanese Club has a number of mortals going. Our trip is roughly 85% confirmed and we will be booking our flight tickets soon. Care to join us? Let me know and I'll give you more information on where and what we will visit and see.

Ikan Koi, a.k.a. Esther will be here on sunday the 12th! Looking forward to being able to hang out with someone familiar.

Kitty Press Issue 16: "When Kitties are Lazy..."

Kitty Status: Very deprived of sleep and soul is worn out from living a boring life

*drinks green tea latte*

Kitty is floating to an imaginary temporary heaven.

Barely any time to do anything else nowadays.

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