Friday, June 12, 2009

Issue 15: "Happy Birthday Yumie! by the Kitty from Hell"

The kitty would love to be there for you. To share your kitty litter and steal your salmon-flavoured chow. To scare you with regular midnight talks of clowns and floor creaking. To hug you and run from your hugs. To tease you and drag you on dessert hunts. To ***CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED***.


The kitty is currently working on a gift for you while you wait another 6 months for your actual gift, so be patient! ^o^ It'll be placed here for the world to see just how much she misses you and how much you mean to her @_@

Happy Birthday!

Kitty Press Issue 15: "Happy Birthday Yumie! by the Kitty from Hell"

Kitty Status: Deprived of sleep and constantly in zombified states

I'll inform you when it is completed and update this post!

Don't steal my kitty blankie, kay?


1 comment:

  1. ILU ILU ILU! <3

    I miss hugging you. I miss chasing after you. I miss squuueeezziing you. (I have yet to get to do that <3) I wanna go around with you looking for the perfect dessert/candy/sweets/coffee! <3

    Be my forever! <3

    Uwwaaaaa~ I can't wait. Take care now nia! *cuddles with her in the kitty blankie* see! care share! >w<